Sri Lanka disrupts suicide assassination plot

ltte_image.jpgIf this story is to be believed, it appears that the LTTE’s former leader might be capable of striking back from beyond the grave. Sri Lanka’s intelligence service claims to have disrupted a plot to use at least one and possibly two suicide attackers to assassinate the island’s defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse, who also happens to be the President’s brother.

It is implied that the plot may have been underway for several months, which would be in keeping with previous LTTE assassination attempts. The LTTE had previously been able to put Black Tiger assassins and their supporting elements in place long before the actual attack took place.

This poses the question how many other Tiger cells might still be operating in Sri Lanka, working towards missions assigned to them before their leadership’s demise earlier this year. Presumably as the Sri Lankan security forces interrogate those captured during the final days of Prabhakaran’s leadership, similar plots and cells may emerge.


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