Suicide Watch #2

A regular round-up of suicide attack related news around the globe.

15 September 200909160858.jpg

  • Israeli forces arrested an alleged senior Hamas militant, Muhammad Harwish in a raid on a village in Hebron. Harwish is said to have been responsbile for planning the 2002 suicide attack on the Park Hotel in Netanya which killed 30 people.

14 September

  • US Special Forces attacked a convoy of Somalia militants, and are reported to have killed Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, an alleged al-Qaida operative thought to have been responsible for the 2002 suicide attack on an Israeli owned hotel in Kenya.

13 September

  • A suicide VBIED on a military checkpoint in Mingora, Pakistan was foiled when troops fired on the vehicle, causing it to explode.

12 September

  • A three man suicide team attempted to assault a detention centre in Kandahar operated by the Afghan intelligence service, the National Directorate of Security. One attacker detonated at the front gate to the facility, the other two engaged the guards with small arms fire and then detonated themselves without gaining access to the building
  • A foot-borne bomber detonated himself in an apparent attempt to target a police foot patrol in the Chechen capital Grozny. Two policemen were injured in the subsequent explosion – the police may have been trying to arrest the man when he set off the device.

11 September

  • A foot-borne bomber approached a police patrol vehicle in Panjwai district, Afghanistan and detonated himself. There were no fatalities, but six policemen and three civilians were injured.
  • A suicide VBIED attack on a police checkpoint near the town of Nazran, Ingushetia. One civilian was killed, and four others were injured. Apparently the police fired upon the car as it approached the checkpoint

10 September

  • A suicide VBIED was driven into a Kurdish village in north Iraq and detonated, killing at least 19 villagers and wounding 25, Iraqi police said. A second attacker was spotted and intercepted before he could set of his vehicle-bomb.

9 September

  • A foot-borne bomber attacked the entrance of the British military base Camp Bastion in Helmand, Afghanistan, killing two Afghan civilians and wounding several others including ISAF troops.

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