Suicide Watch #3

A regular round-up of suicide attack related news around the globe.200909160858.jpg

28 September

Iraq: A suicide VBIED (a tanker truck) was used to attack a police outpost in Ramadi, killing at least seven.

Pakistan: Gul Hakim, a tribal elder and leader of a local anti-Taliabn militia, was killed along with three companions when a foot-borne suicide attacker blew himself up by their car in the Bakahel area of north-west Pakistan.

26 September

Pakistan: Two suicide attacks occurred in the north-west. The first, a VBIED targeting a police station killed six in the town of Bannu. The second attack, in a commercial area of the city of Peshawar, killed ten and injured dozens more.

21 September

Afghanistan: A suicide bomber and his two companions were killed when his suicide vest exploded prematurely. He was apparently seeking to target ISAF forces when the blast occurred.

India: A woman convicted for her role in the suicide assassination of Rajiv Ghandi in May 1991 began a hunger strike to campaign for her release from prison. Nalini Murugan has so far served 18 years for her part in the killing.

20 September

Somalia: The leader of an Islamist militia called for further suicide attacks in the wake of the 16 September VBIED attacks on a peacekeeping force base. Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys said:

We are calling our brothers in the fight against Muslim enemies to increase suicide bombings, which I believe is an acceptable tactic in Islam when it comes to defending your people and your religion.

19 September

Afghanistan: A burqa-wearing suicide bomber (likely a man in disguise – the Taliban have form for using burqas as disguises for their attackers) detonated in the city of Herat in western Afghanistan. The exact target was unclear but two children were killed.

Afghanistan: A suicide bomber killed five and wounded a further 16 in Kandahar. The target may have been a guest house used by foreigners, but may also have been an Afghan army patrol.

18 September

Pakistan: A suicide VBIED detonated by a hotel in a market in northwest Pakistan, killing at least 25. The attack may have been sectarian in motive as most of the victims were Shia.

17 September

Afghanistan: A suicide VBIED struck two Italian armoured vehicles in Kabul, killing six soldiers. See this post for details.

UAE: Authorities in Dubai revealed that they had disrupted a plot to mount attacks in the Gulf city. It was alleged that a group of individuals had conducted video surveillance of a number of targets including Dubai Towers. The group had also apparently chosen suicide attackers for the operation and that martyrdom videos had already been made.

16 September

Somalia: Two suicide VBIEDs struck an African Union peacekeeping force base in Mogadishu, killing 16. See this post for further details.

Russia: A female suicide attacker blew herself up by a police vehicle in Grozny, Chechnya, injuring six police officers.


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