September Metrics

dashboard september.jpg One aspect of my ongoing research is the development of a dataset of suicide attacks. The day before yesterday I reached the 1,000 mark, a cause of some satisfaction coupled with depression (logging that much death and destruction is wearying). As I was analysing the most recent data, I thought it might be interesting to share it. So, here is an inaugural data sample covering last month.

In the month of September, there were (by my reckoning) 20 attacks in total. The majority were in Afghanistan , followed by Iraq and Pakistan. Russia saw several, in keeping with the new campaign being waged in Chechnya and Ingushetia.

Six attacks were aimed at military installations, while four attacked civilian populations. Security checkpoints were attacked twice and three attacks were assassination attempts on individuals. In 80 per cent of cases VBIEDs were utilised, the remainder being PBIEDs. Overall, 60 per cent of these attacks were successful in striking their apparent intended target.

Total casualties arising from attacks in September were 158 dead and 424 wounded (though these need to be treated with caution as press reporting of casualties can vary wildly). The most lethal attack during this period was Kohat, Pakistan on 18 September, where a VBIED was used to attack a crowd of Shia civilians, killing at least 30 and wounding at least 65.


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