Alleged Overt logistical supporters go on trial

Abdulla Ahmed Ali

Abdulla Ahmed Ali

Three men went on trial yesterday, accused of assisting the cell of British jihadists who sought to smuggle liquid explosives aboard commercial aircraft with the intent of conducting suicide attacks onboard while in the air (also known as Operation OVERT, the name given to the police operation which interdicted the cell). The trio are Adam Khatib, 22, Mohammed Shamin Uddin, 39, and Nabeel Hussain, 25.

Uddin is accused of helping the plotters by researching how to manufacture explosives using hydrogen peroxide while Hussain is accused of providing financial support. Khatib appears to be accused of having provided general assistance to the plot’s ringleader Abdulla Ahmed Ali who was convicted in a second trial last month, along with two other accomplices.

This simply reinforces the point that such plots and attacks are not necessarily simple, and beyond the bombers themselves there may be a wider support and logistical infrastructure.


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