Three suicide attacks in Baghdad

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=baghdad&iid=8431855″ src=”b/9/3/5/Three_Explosions_kill_3fc8.JPG?adImageId=12099516&imageId=8431855″ width=”234″ height=”171″ /]

This morning saw al-Qa’ida in Iraq continue its approach of using suicide vehicle bombs in coordinated spectaculars in Baghdad, this time targeting foreign embassies rather than hotels as seen in January. From the New York Times:

“An official in the Interior Ministry said there were three suicide bombers who had targeted the Iranian embassy as well as the residences of the Egyptian chargé d’affaires and the German ambassador, all in the Mansour District and nearby on the western side of the city. Officials said that at least 32 people were killed in all, with dozens more seriously wounded. Separately, a police official in Kerrada, a neighborhood in eastern Baghdad, said that a fourth would-be suicide bomber targeted the offices of the government’s embassy protective services but policemen shot and wounded the driver before he could detonate his bomb. The police identified that suspect, who they claimed was on drugs, as an Iraqi — Ahmed Jassim, 17 — and said he had been driving a Kia minibus carrying one ton of explosives. Bomb disposal experts worked for several hours to defuse the bomb.”


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