Candid car bombing

We were only joking...

Iraqi TV executives at channel Al Baghdadia  clearly have some odd ideas about commissioning new shows. According to the NYT At War blog, there is a show which has been running throughout Ramadan called ‘Put him in [Camp] Bucca’. The basic premise is that a celebrity is invited to the TV network’s offices for a meeting, but along the way someone plants a fake bomb in his/her car and he/she is then stopped at a fake security checkpoint. Much hilarity then ensues when the car is searched and the device discovered and hidden cameras record the celebrity’s (presumably shocked/horrified) reactions. An example of the dialouge:

Soldier : “Which group you are working for?”

Television Host: “Al Qaeda for sure.”

Guest: “I am an actor. What are you saying? Is this a game or what?”

Soldier: “This a military checkpoint. What do you think we are playing here? You have got a bomb in your car.”

Television Host: “Why are you doing this? Why are you putting me in such trouble?”

Guest: “I am a family man. I have two kids. How could I do this to my family? I am telling you the truth, it’s not me who planted the bomb.”

Hilarious I’m sure. Though I guess it still has more entertainment value than Big Brother.


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