This is a blog largely dedicated to the study of suicide attacks in their various contexts and forms, but may well stray into a range of other related or unrelated areas. I am a PhD student at a UK university and a research analyst for a well known policy research organisation. I decided to start this blog as a means of developing my thinking and writing skills, and perhaps to engage with the wider research field. For the time being I’ve decided to maintain this blog anonymously.

The title of the blog is taken from a 2002 Foreign Affairs article which referred to Palestinian suicide attacks as ‘a poor man’s “smart bomb” that can miraculously balance Israel’s technological prowess and conventional military dominance’. [1]

Please note that all material contained or referred to on this site is purely for the purposes of research, education and discussion. I in no way endorse the actions, views, or ideologies of any or all of the groups or individuals referred to or discussed on this site. I am not responsible for the content of other sites. 

Questions and correspondence should be directed to: pmsmartbomb at gmail dot com.

[1] Gal Luft, ‘The Palestinian H-Bomb: Terror’s Winning Strategy’, Foreign Affairs, July/August 2002.