Suicide bombing on Facebook

n85883746100_5123.jpgI guess it was only a matter of time. Some bright spark has decided to make a social networking game called ‘al-Qaeda Wars’, which

puts players into situations in which they have to use their friends and fellow players to attack each other. To accomplish this they can buy different types of weapons, ranging from sniper rifles to stinger missiles to dirty bombs. Players can launch different types of Google map attacks against other players that include truck bombs and suicide bombers. These attacks are games of skill based on actual player locations set on Google maps. Successful attacks result in a realistic flash animated destruction of the target.

A realistic flash animated destruction of the target? Charming. I wonder if a later feature will be the ability to upload your very own martyr videos? Apparently one can blow up world landmarks, assassinate people and participate in ‘Special Jihads’.

I assume this initiaitve is unrelated to this recent story.